Friday, February 14, 2014

Silat Martial Arts : "Keguruan" Introduction

Silat Martial Arts Malaysia

Silat is the oldest self defenses and martial arts among other self defense that exist in the world.

Therefore, Persatuan Silat Gayung Fatani Malaysia (PSGFM) as a martial arts education service organization still believe to working to develop Malay Silat in the Malay Peninsula and the adjacent area known as "silat pulut" and "gayung pulut".

Silat Melayu is derived from the legacy of the arts of war Malay tradition adopted by Malay warriors who were once referred to as knowledge or science commander and later became known as silat.

Basically , in PSGFM "keguruan" must going through the 7 level to reach the top level called " Guru Utama". 

For More Information : Visit Silat Martial Arts Official Blog


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Pendekar Gemas said...

Great article.. It give a lot of information about a tradition of malay silat martial arts.

ziim said...

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Nur Azizah said...

im new in silat martial arts..thank you for ur briefing on the keguruan does helps me a lot!

ayu IU said...

excellent post about 'keguruan' introduction... i hope that i can increase my knowledge about silat by reading your post in next entry... well done... =D

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